Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects 8 out of 10 people at some point in their life, from trapped nerves and muscle strains to muscular spasms and disc problems.

The lower back (or lumbar spine) is the focal point of the weight of the torso, arms and head as well as the impact forces that are transmitted through the knees when walking. As the most stable structures in the midsection, the vertebral joints absorb most of the forces that are focused there. If the muscles go into a protective guarding mode, the joints get locked up and more often than not compress the nerves that pass between the vertebral joints. This is very much like hitting the ulnar nerve or “funny bone” in your elbow and getting the feeling in your 4th and 5th fingers. The symptoms can range from anything like stiffness and soreness in the area, to pain and Sciatica into either one or both legs.

Osteopaths analyse how the spine moves as a unit and how each vertebral joint moves individually in order to create a treatment plan to remove the cause of any restrictions or pain. We use massage and articulatory techniques in order to release any guarding muscles, as well as manipulation if we deem it necessary, to free up the joints themselves.

Here at Visiting Osteopaths, 50% of our patients request our services for lower back pain, so you can see how easy it is to injure the area.

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