On Wednesday 8th October Matt attended John Gibbon’s Sports Taping course in Oxford. Along with another osteopaths, massage therapists and Crossfit enthusiasts.

Many techniques were taught by John for all types of sports injuries. Achilles tendonitis, generalised knee pain, tennis and golfer’s elbow, neck pain and lower back pain.


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The tape works by causing a crinkling of the skin, lifting it away from the underlying tissues and enabling the area to drain any lymphatic fluid. By draining the inflammation away, the pain nerve endings (nociceptors) have less pressure applied and the patient feels less pain.

Matt was so impressed and eager to try out the new techniques he even strapped up the first patient he saw the day after with great results.

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Our patient was very happy with the results. Photo used with patient’s permission.

We’re very much looking forward to working on future patients using these techniques and getting results that are just as good.