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Great time had by all, including so many new faces. Each client was extremely happy with the quality of the chair massage and got up feeling slightly taller than when they sat down.

Thanks to Guy, Derek and Simon for hosting the event and looking forward to the next party.

Business Biscotti Reading East Summer Party – July 4th 2014

Business Biscotti Reading East‘s Summer Party. I volunteered my time to offer relaxing chair massages to fellow businessmen and women whilst they networked and chatted at the Holiday Inn, located at Thames Valley Business Park.

Guy Griffiths of GG Fit, Derek Spicer of Pico Productions and Simon Cook of Getvanillagreeted me and we set up the area.

Also on offer to businesspeople was a professional portrait sample from Asya Barskaya from ABL Photography, for which I was the test shot so she could calibrate the camera. I was very impressed with how quickly she got a fantastic shot of me, after just 2 shots! She was snapping her way through the group of 40 people in no time at all and it was a great service to be offering.