Health Insurance

Many of our patients enjoy the benefits of health insurance. We are registered with the following private health insurance providers:

Each policy holder is reminded to ensure that Osteopathy is covered by their policy and that they gain pre-authorisation for treatment beforehand.
Some policies may require a different level of cover for osteopathic treatment.

Please check:

  • The excess your policy allows.
    You may have to pay a contribution to the treatment before the insurance company compensates you.
  • The claims limit on your policy.
    You may have already used a portion of your allocated claim limit on other treatment.
  • Confirm the name of the osteopath with whom you are seeking treatment.
    The osteopath needs to be registered with your insurance company. Our osteopath is Matthew Nicolas Devonport.
  • If you require a GP letter.
    Some policies require a GP’s referral letter for treatment, depending on the service requested.