Don’t just take our word for it…

Matt came to help me with a back problem which meant that I couldn't stand or sit properly. He was really friendly, and professional, and did such a good job that the problem hasn't come back since. He explained each part of the treatment, and gave me exercises and advice for my posture in general, rather than just focusing on the problem I came to him with. I highly recommend Visiting Osteopaths!
Robert McKay, Assistant Headteacher, DGSB
After the first visit I could already notice improvement. I sleep better, I’m happier and I can’t remember the last time I got stuck because my hip clicked and I was in pain unable to move. He is an amazing professional and I can’t thank him enough.
Ari Klynsmith, Kreatif Design
Just had my first appointment with Matt from Visiting Osteopaths and I am delighted with the results. The session took place in the comfort of my own home at a time that was convenient (less than 24 hours after I called). If like me you suffer from pain and lack of movement, then give them a call.
Adam Veitch, Finchampstead
Today Matt came to treat me for a frozen shoulder and ongoing back pain. Matt coming to treat me at the house took so much pressure off me trying to drive whilst in agony. I couldn’t type on my laptop before he worked on me ..He went the extra mile and is amazing.,Not only did he cure my back pain he gave me good advice and reassurance on how to manage my shoulder when I thought there was little hope of of it ever going away. He combines a professional approach with warm and kindness creating a relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend Matt. Thank you!
Mrs Camburn, Woodley
I had a seven day migraine – a record for me. Grim days. But, thanks to my brilliant osteopath, Matt Devonport, who gave me one 45 minute treatment… it’s completely gone today, even been gardening and not one twinge. Such a relief, I have my life back! Many thanks Matt, can’t believe how much better my neck, back, and head feel.
Jeanneke, Dover
After injuring my hamstring I was unable to attend any yoga or Zumba classes for around four months. It only took one visit to get everything back to normal (better than normal) and now I can fully enjoy my weekly exercise regime! I would definitely recommend Matt from Visiting Osteopaths for a professional and friendly service.
Natasha Mann, London
I would like to recommend Matt of Visiting Osteopaths. Matt has been treating my husband for a while now who suffers from an old back injury and being self-employed he cannot afford to take time out of the working day to see an osteopath, nor can he afford to have time off with a bad back. Visiting Osteopaths offer evening appointments and they come to you, so when Dave's back has 'gone', I am not left struggling to get him in the car with four kids in tow! Matt is a genuinely nice bloke, very professional and very informative with regards to diagnosis and treatment.
Lizzie & Dave, Woodley, Woodley
I pulled a muscled in my back while lifting weights & being a manly-man was too stubborn to get it sorted. A week later, I was getting shooting pains down my back & buttocks & couldn't even walk up stairs. My wife forced me to call Matt up & the man worked his magic on me! In a nutshell, professional, friendly & talented! Whereas before his treatment I had trouble walking up 3 steps, afterward I ran up the next flight without even thinking about it! On his advice, I took it lightly for the next week & did exercises for my lower back & I've not had a problem since! I would highly recommend him to anyone.
James Bradley, Dover
Matt was amazing, very professional and friendly. He sorted out my issues very well and I am walking well once again, thanks Matt!
Chris Baxter-Smith, Reading